Domestic Violence Diversion Court

Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DVC) is available only to first- or second-time offenders in instances when the victim does not wish to press charges against the perpetrator. The goal is for the early intervention and placement of offenders into clinically appropriate treatment to prevent further abuse and possible death of the victim. In an attempt to intervene and assist both victim and perpetrator in domestic violence cases, the PHMC Clinical Evaluation Unit assesses the need for and arranges for participant placement, treatment authorization and payment for drug and alcohol and/or mental health treatment, case management, anger management and family therapy. Once the participant (defendant) has satisfied this treatment requirement and there have not been any further incidents or problems with the complainant/victim, the court will withdraw all prosecution and the case is discharged. The case can be expunged from the record in a process initiated by the defendant 30 days after the prosecution withdraws the case.